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Men's Expert Advice

Get unzipped and de-briefed with this complete guide on fit, function, and style. Read through our tips to learn about our essentials in men’s fashion, from crew neck t-shirts to boxer brief underwear.

Most Comfortable Thongs For Men

Times are changing! Today, many men are starting to appreciate the benefit of thong underwear and accept it with open arms. Still hesitant? We’ve put together a few options to show you just how comfortable and sexy men’s thongs can be!

Choosing the Right Underwear for Your Body Type

Your underwear is your outfit’s foundation, the layer closest to your skin. It sets the tone for your entire look. If you don’t feel supported or comfortable enough, it can damper your entire day. 

What Swim Trunks to Wear to the Beach During Spring Break

Winter never seems to end. The frigid cold, the brutal snow, months stuck inside dreaming of getting away to a private island deep in the heart of the Caribbean.

Men’s Cold Underwear Guide

Things get a little more complicated than just socks and underwear in the winter time. To survive the elements in your warmest fashion, consider the three facets of layering: base, mid and outer.

Brief Styling Guide

When Bill Clinton infamously responded to the age-old question of “Boxers or briefs?” on a 1992 MTV Q&A session in favor of the latter, who would’ve thought the future president would be so ahead of his time? That’s right, fast-forward twenty-five years and briefs are back in style.

The Right Men’s Sports Underwear

Men know how uncomfortable it can be when their workout underwear fails to provide needed support. There’s nothing worse than jogging on the treadmill and spending half an hour fighting underwear that rides and bunches up.

Men's Valentine's Day Gift Guide

  Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us. To many that can mean a complete bombardment of decadent chocolates, red roses, and oversized teddy bears from their significant other.

Underwear Style Guide

Every style of underwear lends itself to different uses and occasions. Use this guide to update your drawers with multiple styles best-suited for you.

T-Shirt Style Guide

Always be fit to a tee, with the perfect t-shirt for you. Read through this guide to learn the rundown of t-shirt styles available to you.

Shapewear Style Guide

Achieve the toned and defined physique you dream about, with the ideal shapewear style. Learn everything from compression levels, to innovative features.

Underwear A-Z

Use this index to discover everything you need to know about underwear. Find terms and definitions, from A-Z.