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Originally, shapewear for women consisted of only the corset. Corsets were similar to shapewear in that they were designed to mold and shape the torso to make it more appealing to look at or to give added support for medical purposes. This type of original shapewear was common in the 1800’s and generally featured some kind of boning to support the shape. This original shapewear was held together at the back with lacing or hooks.

Modern shapewear for women has a far more sophisticated construction while remaining lightweight and easy to wear. Most modern shapewear is made from some type of hosiery, woven with support panels that control the bumpy effect of a woman’s body. Shapewear uses compression to create the desired shape. It is also concerned with more than just the shaping of the waist. In this day and age, it is common to find shapewear that compresses nearly the entire body, from the thighs to the waist to the bottom to the tummy. Women love shapewear in current times because it allows them to wear their favorite lightweight and clingy fabrics knowing that they look great from the outside. At Freshpair, we carry shapewear in several different categories, including:


Each type of shapewear targets a different region of a woman’s body in order to make her look and feel as beautiful as possible. Some of the most popular shapewear brands are Leonisa, Maidenform, and Body Wrap. Each of these brands creates unique shapewear styles and different women find they want different things when seeking out their shapewear brand of choice.

Some popular areas women target when they look for shapewear is the tummy region, thighs, and bottom. The Body Wrap Bodysuit with Underwire is a favorite of ours. This seamless microfiber bodysuit provides all day body control while supporting and enhancing the bust and flattening and slenderizing the midsection. Another Freshpair favorite is the Leonisa Magic Benefit Derriere Enhancing Panty. It features two removable contoured pads designed to enhance your rear assets for natural looking definition. For women seeking just tummy control, the Leonisa No Zip Waist Cincher helps reduce inches off the waist and tummy, giving you a seamless silhouette.


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