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C-IN2 underwear

C-IN2 is one of the resident Freshpair staff favorites. With a consistent line of classic cuts, these men's underwear styles come in seasonal fashion colors and a variety of different rises. C-IN2 underwear styles include: athletic underwear, boxer briefs, boxer shorts, briefs, jockstraps, long underwear, low rise underwear, multi-packs, novelty underwear, thongs and trunks. CIN2 men's underwear has been famed since the inception of the brand for innovative fabrications. 

C-IN2 underwear is available in a number of styles like boxer briefs, boxer shorts, briefs, jockstraps, trunks, and men's thongs. C-IN2 offers a large variety of men's nylon underwear that softly rests against your skin and gives you the support you need throughout each wear.

Bamboo Underwear

Sure, bamboo sounds like it wouldn’t be a good fiber to use in mens underwear much less in C-IN2 underwear, right? Wrong! Bamboo, contrary to popular opinion, is an unbelievably soft fabric and CIN2 organic underwear made from bamboo is naturally wicking and antimicrobial. Plus, when you’re sporting bamboo C-IN2 underwear, you can rest assured that you’re acting consciously toward Mother Earth because bamboo is the fastest regenerating plant on the planet. Now are you convinced?

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