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Mens Robes | Freshpair

Tired of stepping out of the shower first thing in the morning and feeling that brutal chill run up your spine? Sick of being late to work because you’d rather linger in the hot warm and steam than face the cold? Looking for a way to slip comfortably from room to room and lounge about on those slow weekend mornings, maybe with a hot cup of coffee while you scan the news online?

Sounds like you’re in need of robes for men.

Freshpair lets you choose from a variety of colors and styles of mens bath robes, from mens short sleeve robes to heavy cotton that will leave you feeling like you’re walking around your home in the warmest, coziest fur blanket. With popular brands in stock like Polo Ralph Lauren, Freshpair has an eye on style and comfort to make your mornings feel like pure bliss.

Our fabulous loungewear collection features the very best in warmth and relaxation robes for men. One of our most popular styles of mens bath robe is the Kimono. This Japanese-based mens robe design has an extra dapper feel, with a classic tie-waist design and low-profile collar.

Our mens short sleeve robes are made of extremely light materials, ideal for the spring and summer when you’re not looking for the same level of warmth that you might in the wintertime. Velvet robes for men are the perfect way to add a sexy, appealing feel to your cozy look. You’ll never have believed that mens bath robes could look so good until you try a Freshpair robe on!

Shop our robes for men and feel comfort on your shoulders and in your wallet. With free shipping on all U.S. orders over $25, isn’t it about time you slipped into something a little more comfortable?

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