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Vanity Fair Panties

Vanity Fair panties are specifically designed for the woman who knows exactly what she wants in panties and is not swayed by fleeting trends. With a superior fit and refined comfort, Vanity Fair panties are generally made in full-coverage styles with medium to high rises. Vanity Fair panties are high in quality and come in many comfortable styles, including: lace panties, seamless underwear, modal panties, and classic cotton panties.

Vanity Fair Underwear

If you’re a full-coverage kind of woman, Vanity Fair panties have styles that are perfect for you. Not only are Vanity Fair panties great for women who love full cut panties, but Vanity Fair panties also come in a variety of options for plus size panties. Some of the full figure options include such popular collections as Perfectly Yours,Illumination ,Lollipop and True-Comfort. Find your favorite styles today and enjoy Free Shipping within the U.S. on all Vanity Fair panty orders!

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