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Mens Shapewear Briefs | Freshpair

Looking to keep your waist in check and slenderize your silhouette? Look no further than the best in shapewear briefs, courtesy of Freshpair. We know how critical shaping briefs can be to saving you from the ever-embarrassing muffin top, chiseling down your waistline until those much feared love handles have said bye-bye! That’s why we’ve partnered with master brands like Calvin Klein for their Body Boost Brief and 2(x)ist to deliver you the shaping and trimming briefs that you desire.

A slim physique can do wonders for both your outward appearance and your confidence. When you look your best, you feel your absolute best. Maybe you didn’t have time to hit the gym this week? Maybe you’re hitting the gym extra hard and need something with a little more compression and support? No matter what you’re searching for, Freshpair will be first in line to give you your pick in stylish, dynamic mens shapewear briefs.

If you’re looking for mens brief-style underwear with a contour pouch to boost and support while providing all the comfort you could ever dream of, you’ve looked in the right place. The Freshpair shaping briefs collection focuses on designs that provide a comfortable, slimming fit for everyday use or special occasions. Your pants will fit better, your shirts will tuck in easier, and you’ll feel comfortable all day and all night.

If you need additional lumbar support, our wide waistband models will do the trick. Brands like 2(x)ist come with a wide waistband to improve posture, cut down on back pain and give you the extra support you need during tough workouts or long days of hard labor.

As always, shop our mens shaping briefs and see the savings grow with free shipping on all U.S. orders over $25!

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