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Wacoal Bras

Wacoal Bras have a superior, comfortable fit and eco-conscious, quality construction. These bras set the standard for the intimate apparel industry because they design their lines to specifically accommodate average figures, petite figures and full figures. Wacoal bras are geared towards finding the perfect fit for every woman to enhance her self-confidence and body image.

Wacoal bra fit experts ensure that all women wearing their products are wearing the one that fits correctly. For more than twenty years, the company has maintained its fit specialist program which places a trained expert into department stores to give complimentary fittings to women. These fit experts were so good Oprah Winfrey featured them on her show. Together Wacoal bras and Oprah created a revolution in teaching women the importance of a perfect-fitting bra.

The Perfect Wacoal Bra Fit

Every woman is different, especially in their bust. What might not work for one woman may be the perfect fit for another. Women need bras for every occasion as well. Wacoal Bras are committed to helping every woman find that perfect fit for every occasion. That’s why Wacoal bras come in many different fits and styles. Each style helps cater to a different type of woman and occasion.  


Wacoal seamless bras include one of the only truly seamless and stitchless bras on the market. Most seamless bras are not actually seamless; they are only seamless in the cups. But Wacoal bras are revolutionary in their construction by being completely seamless, stitchless and tagless for the ultimate chafe-free comfort. These seamless bras look great under t-shirts and feel terrific on your body.

Full-Figure Wacoal Bras

Wacoal Bras also come in a variety of plus sizes. In these full-figure Wacoal bras you can find sizes up to a G-Cup. The G-Cup bra line was developed to accommodate the shift to wearing the proper cup size. With quintessential quality and attention to detail, these G-Cup Wacoal Bras are scaled so they offer the best possible support and fashion for larger figures.


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