A Guide to Choosing the Right Men’s Sports Underwear

Men know how uncomfortable it can be when their workout underwear fails to provide needed support. There’s nothing worse than jogging on the treadmill and spending half an hour fighting underwear that rides and bunches up. Even worse is getting home after a long workout and finding that your underwear has caused you to chafe. When we do finally find a solution to these problems, very rarely is it a particularly stylish one.

Let’s face it: the real obstacle should be the workout, not finding what to wear for it. Because of this, we wanted to put together a list of style and product considerations that can optimize your exercise routine in maximum comfort.

Making the Most of Men’s Sports Underwear

The optimum men’s workout underwear needs to have a hugging fit, without being too tight and digging into your skin. Munsingwear supplies guys with just that, utilizing stretch cotton fabrication designed to fit to shape. In addition to the stretch cotton that provides breathability, a vertical seamed contour pouch provides further support and keeps everything centered.

Looking for something a tad sportier? The Cool Mesh Sport Boxer Brief by Leo has a fashionable look to it, coming in an array of color designs with bold lines weaving through. The microfiber fabric is moisture wicking, and the mesh inserts create added airflow to fully optimize the extent of your breathability and comfort. The supportive contour pouch keeps everything in place, so you don’t have to worry about annoying bunching during the toughest of workouts.

For a more edgy look, check out the PUMP! Touchdown Blue Steel Boxer. This underwear is both sexy and masculine, maintaining a sporty look with a unique design element that is sure to stand out. This boxer style brief hugs the body, but features a low-rise that falls below the waist line to show off your own contours. Great for working out or just relaxing, the elastic leg bands are a rarity that is innovative in keeping the whole boxer comfortably in one spot, all while maintaining an extremely sporty look with contrasting color accents throughout. With ventilation and temperature cooling effects via the highly breathable mesh fabric, this sports underwear is sure to be a favorite and get your through your workout.

If keeping warm in the elements is your foe, a trusty long john underwear could be the solution to your temperature problems. Unfortunately, many long johns can feel constricting and don’t always handle moisture and sweating well. Fortunately, 2(x)ist has created their Sport Tech line of long johns that offer a breathable fabric featuring heat sensitive technology. This fabric regulates body temperature, leaving you feeling dry and comfortable during your workout.

Whether exercising inside or out, in the warm or in the cold, having the right workout underwear is critical to focusing on a better body. Stop wasting unnecessary time interrupting your workout to adjust your underwear and buy a better, more comfortable pair.