Shapewear for Men

Shapewear is no longer just for women. Many popular mens underwear brands now produce men’s shapewear options, including Calvin Klein and Go Softwear. There are also brands that specialize in shapewear for men, such as 2(x)ist and Leo. Male shapewear is available in many styles, including:

Shaping Undershirts

For men who would like mens shapewear to deal with a troublesome midsection or chest, a compression top would be their best t-shirt choice. These t-shirts hold in the belly, chest, and love handles, providing a slim body tone. Shaping undershirts are also often used by athletes because they offer core support and can improve posture. The hot male shapewear brand Leo is revolutionizing compression shirts for men. Leo shirts are designed to control temperature, enhance circulation and reduce back pain in addition to shape your torso. 2(x)ist offers masculine performance and compression shirt styles with different necklines and fabrics.

Shaping Underwear

Mens shaping underwear helps maintain your love handles and belly.  Top shapewear brands like 2xist, Leo, and many others offer shaping briefs, trunks, and boxer brief styles, improving the body shape for men. Check out styles for mens slimming underwear comfortably fits without showing through your clothes.

Mens Enhancing Underwear

There are also a variety of shapewear styles for men who would like to enhance their lower half. Butt pads for men can discreetly provide lift and shape. Many of these mens shapewear styles have comfortable padding to help add a little extra if desired. Mens shapewear also includes profile enhancing styles which encompasses a variety of innovative and stylish designs.

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