For years, men’s thongs and g-strings were thought of as taboo, reserved for the kinkiest of men or considered a women’s only item. Times are changing! Today, many men are starting to appreciate the benefit of thong underwear and accept it with open arms.

Known for be revealing and risqué, a common misconception of thongs and g-strings is the need to sacrifice comfort in the name of sex appeal. The reality is that thongs are just as comfortable for men, if not more so than a traditional pair of boxers or briefs! They are lightweight, highly breathable, and offer considerably less fabric to get in your way or bunch up. Comfort aside, thongs for men imbue a sense of confidence, as you’ll feel absolutely desirable in your sexiest underwear. They allow you to show off, enhancing your features both front and back while preventing pesky underwear lines from showing up in tighter-fitting pants

Still hesitant? We’ve put together a few options to show you just how comfortable and sexy men’s thongs can be!

Just as it sounds, the Ergo Pouch Thong is ergonomically designed with your support in mind. Keeping your assets floating in a comfortable front pouch, this male thong will help you look your best and biggest. It’s made from a soft and pleasant cotton-modal fabric, complete with a low rise fit and wide elastic waistband with the Doreanse logo right up front. This garment is ideal for an ultra sexy dive into the world of men’s thongs, blending the right mix of comfort and style into one alluring garment.
Product: Doreanse Men's Ergo Pouch Thong 1334: $17

For a more delicate, sensual approach, the Stretch Lace Bong Thong is the way to go. Lace thongs for men are a more modern aesthetic, but the material truly wraps around masculine curves and contours in a remarkable way. The garment is infinitely comfortable and sexy, with minimal rear coverage, a sexy see-through element and low rise below the waistband. You can’t imagine how good you’ll feel in a pair of these until you try it for yourself!
Product: Male Power Stretch Lace Bong Thong 442-162: $18

Our final product recommendation is certainly on the more erotic side, but who doesn’t like to feel a little naughty from time to time? This g-string by the oh so daring brand Gregg Homme offers a contemporary and stylish leather thong for men. With a faux leather trimmed waistband and leather strips that dash across the front to pull the garment together, this low-rise style is sexy and appealing, all while maintaining comfort with a fabric pouch for proper support.
Product: Gregg Homme Grip String Brief 150203: $45

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