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Hosiery Style Guide

Accessorize your legs with the finest tights, socks, and pantyhose that you’ll love to slip into every day.

When it comes to hosiery, women have quite a few options to choose from. Hosiery doesn’t just mean pantyhose; it can include socks, leggings, and tights (Oh My!). The right choice in hosiery can add a sense of sophistication, personality, and style to any outfit, no matter the time of year. Read through our descriptions of hosiery styles, and find the best fit for every outfit!

Knee Highs

A knee high is a combination between a stocking and a sock. They are made of nylon, and can be either sheer or opaque. They have an elasticized top, reaching the knee, and are great to wear with suit pants, or cropped pants.



A true necessity for every woman, think of pantyhose as concealer for your legs. Made of sheer nylon, they even out the tone of your legs. Wear pantyhose with skirts and dresses to keep your legs warm, and give them a beautiful finish. Many come with the option of a control top, too.


Thigh Highs

If you’re looking for a sexier look with less coverage than tights or pantyhose, try a pair of thigh highs. Thigh highs reach your mid thighs, and have a silicone grip around the leg openings to hold them in place. Lace is common around the leg openings. Pair these with skirts or dresses!



Tights are similar to pantyhose, but are usually made from thicker, more opaque fabric. Tights can be used for fashion, coverage, or warmth. They may also include a control top option to smooth your tummy and waist. Perfect for winter, wear tights with skirts and dresses.



Looking to be casual, comfy, and lounge around? Grab a pair of leggings, because nothing accomplishes the job better. Leggings typically are made of cotton, spandex, or polyester, and have an opening for your feet. You can even wear them with long blouses, or sweater dresses.



While socks and their purpose may be self-explanatory, don’t forget that you have so many options! You have other choices than just white crew socks. You can choose from a wide array of colors, materials, lengths, and patterns.