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The Playtex bra has become a staple in many women’s households. Playtex is one of the leading manufactures of intimate apparel in the United States and the popularity of the Playtex Bra is a testament to that. The Playtex Bra is known for its quality support and superior support. With that in mind, a Playtex Bra helps you to truly shape your figure. Here at Freshpair we carry the Playtex Bra in different styles including:

  • Front Closure Bras
  • Lace Bras
  • Underwire Bras
  • And many more!

With this full range of bras, you can be sure that a Playtex Bra will help accommodate your figure, no matter what your needs are. A Playtext Bra may use gel straps and underwires, seamless design or stay put straps. All these design innovations makes the Playtext Bra one of the most popular bras today.

Popular Playtex Bra Styles at Freshpair.com

With a great Playtex Bra, you’ll be able to get the best in comfort and fit. Try the 18 Hour bra Original Comfort Strap Playtex Bra which is made to stay comfortable all throughout your day. The Secrets Forever Lace Underwire Playtex Bra has uses elegant lace with a partially sheer construction for a great look.

Because of their comfortable styling and innovative engineering, the Playtex Bra has become a women’s favorite. With the Playtex Bra women now they are going to get around the clock comfort and support. A wide selection of styles and designs makes picking the Playtex Bra that’s just right for you that much easier. Shop for the Playtex Bra at Freshpair and get free shipping on your next domestic order!

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