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L’eggs Hoisery for Women

L’eggs was first introduced in 1969 as a member of the Hanes brands family. The focus of the brand was on creating tights, pantyhose, and other hosiery products for women. One of their mottos, “energize through innovation,” has been consistently driving them to create inventive products that revolutionize the market.

One of their first game-changers, was selling their product in local supermarkets and drug stores. This offered women ease and convenience. Prior to L’eggs, women typically had to shop for their tights and pantyhose in department stores.

Another enlightening step the brand took, was re-creating the packaging for tights and pantyhose. They utilized a white, plastic, egg-shaped container, which allowed stores to make a greater use of shelf space. Have you ever heard of the “L’eggs egg”? Since then, the brand has changed their packaging once again. You can now find L’eggs tights in small white boxes, or flattened packaging.

Since they first premiered nearly fifty years ago, L’eggs has been a favorite amongst women, and a leading brand in the hosiery industry.


L’eggs Tights and Pantyhose


A true leader in hosiery, the legwear available from L’eggs employs technologies that allow women to feel comfortable and free of restrictions, all day and night. They are knitted in a specific way to make your legs feel like they are being micro-massaged. Tights and pantyhose from L’eggs also offer women 360° support and shape. In fact, many of the L’eggs products are designed to provide women with shaping control. Other features of L’eggs legwear include:

  • Sheer Design
  • Opaque Design
  • Control Top
  • Non-Control Top
  • Toeless
  • Reinforced Toe


Socks, Knee-Highs, and Leggings


Don’t forget that L’eggs offers more than just tights and pantyhose! At Freshpair®, we also carry a variety of products from the L’eggs brand. Such items include socks, knee-highs, and leggings. We offer leggings in various lengths, including capri and full!


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