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Muscle Shirts

You’ve been working out hard lately! Putting your hours in at the gym. Maxing out your bench press, sticking to your cardio regimen. You like the way you look, the gains you’ve made, how fit your body feels, and you’re just dying to show off your physique to the world. So what’s stopping you?

Freshpair certainly isn’t! Here at Freshpair, we know how great it is to feel confident and positive about our bodies. What better way to express your confidence than through brand new mens muscle shirts?

From classic fashion brands like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, to new, sharp manufacturers like Joe Snyder, Freshpair is your home to mens muscle t-shirts and scooped neck apparel. With a sleek, slim fit style that can be perfect on its own or used as an undershirt, muscle shirts and tank tops feature a body-conscious fit, rounded neckline and often a soft, breathable material so you can feel comfortable wearing your mens muscle shirt during a workout. No matter the occasion, we have a muscle shirt for you!

Many of our top branded muscle t-shirts for men are offered on their own or in essentials multi-packs, so you can find your favorite muscle shirt and stock your wardrobe. Get more of what you want when you shop at Freshpair!

We have sleeveless muscle shirt options as well as muscle t-shirts for men. Our designs span from classic solid colors that can function on their own or as an undershirt, all the way to fantastically-designed muscle tanks with elaborate and vibrant design elements all over. We like to speak to all styles and guarantee a men's muscle shirt that our customers will truly love.

Freshpair is all about rewarding our customers. Shop our men's muscle shirts, t-shirts and tanks and save on free shipping with all U.S. orders over $25!

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