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Men's Activewear Shorts

Working out is the critical element of looking your best, but why not do it with a sense of style? Activewear that is designed to respond to your body during a workout can make a vital difference in how you perform, and options that feature sleek and fashionable looks can give you the confidence you need to succeed. At Freshpair, we have the latest and greatest in men’s activewear shorts to keep you in the gym and hitting your goals.

Stock up on the basics. An essential starting point is men’s activewear shorts. Nowadays, innovations in compression and moisture-wicking technology have vastly expanded the role that activewear takes in your exercise. With options available such as gym shorts, yoga shorts, men’s running shorts and compression shorts, there are plenty of choices to make when searching for the right mens activewear shorts.

Compression shorts are a type of mens activewear shorts that are all about establishing a base layer. They support your muscles and are ideal for layering in cooler climates or just using as a standalone. 

For a no-frills classic, the traditional gym short can be worn for virtually any activity. Freshpair adds a little character, with full athletic fits, adjustable drawstring cords, and availability in a variety of color schemes with logos of your favorite brands displayed prominently.

Another men’s activewear shorts staple that should be in every wardrobe, is the running short. Freshpair has a wide variety of these breathable garments, with a focus on movement while running and keeping the body cool. With modern and retro styles, Freshpair is all in on delivering high quality running shorts to our customers.

Freshpair also carries other varieties of mens activewear shorts, like yoga shorts that place an emphasis on a range of motion and comfort, along with many other selections so you can look like a superstar the next time you step into the gym. 

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