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At Freshpair, we know that guys have come to expect a lot more from their t-shirts. A casual wear that is now becoming the garment choice for a variety of occasions, Freshpair offers high quality, stylish mens t-shirts with outstanding fits. Whether it’s a day spent at the park, working on your jumpshot, setting a new bench press mark at the gym, or even casual Friday in the office, there are mens t-shirts and tank undershirts at Freshpair for every type of guy. Freshpair highlights the diverse options, even among essentials like white crew neck t-shirts, and we’re so happy to share our style with you!

Men's V-Neck T-Shirts

V-neck t-shirts have gained traction as one of the most popular t-shirts for men. Traditional men's v-neck t-shirts are perfect beneath a button-up dress shirt or polo. Shop our wide selection of top-notch v-necks from brands such as Calvin Klein, Diesel and many more.

Men's Crew Neck T-Shirts

From buttoned-up with a tie to dressed down around the house, men's crew neck t-shirts are an excellent wardrobe staple. Many of our hottest brands, like Hanes Men, offer crewneck t-shirts that come with a bit of stretch, but diverse in their textures and fabrics. Add this essential to your closet today!

Men's Scoop Neck T-Shirts

Scoop neck tees are great for showing off your muscles or for layering. Think of the scoop neck as an oval version of the v-neck, a crew neck with a much wider opening. The scoop is ideal as a mens undershirt or worn entirely on its own. Find the best scoop neck t-shirt for your undershirt collection from fashionable brands like Tommy Hilfiger at Freshpair!

Men's Square Neck T-Shirts

Square neck shirts make showing off at the gym or sun easy. The flat neckline with two corners draw attention to your arms and chest.. Square neck t-shirts are great for guys to use as an undershirt as well.

Men's Tank Tops

Perfect for the gym, beach, or just lounging about, men's tank top undershirts offer sleeveless coverage, maximum comfort, and major style. From Pima Cotton and 100% cotton, to micro modal and mesh mens tank undershirts, there are a wide variety of options to choose from. They provide ease of movement and are ideal for working out and balmy summer days.


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