SAXX Underwear 

With over a decade of experience in revolutionizing underwear, SAXX is one of the industry leaders. SAXX first began in 2006, when Trent Kitsch was on a fishing trip. After hours in the cold, damp air, he experienced discomfort and chafing from his underwear. 

He was searching for a different, modern kind of support, unlike anything else offered. Inspired by his career as a baseball player, he envisioned a pouch shape similar to a catchers mitt. His idea was to use this shape in place of a traditional pouch, and have it function as a hammock that's purpose is to lift, support, and separate. 

After he returned from his fishing adventure, Trent Kitsch partnered with a designer and a seamstress to bring his idea to fruition. After creating fourteen prototypes, he found what he was looking for, and SAXX underwear was no longer a dream, but a reality. 

At the heart of it all, is SAXX's philosophy and motivation, which has remained the same. The hope is for everyone to experience the ultimate comfort and top performance offered by SAXX underwear. With a pair of SAXX underwear, you can move freely without restriction, and a barely-there feel. 

SAXX Technology 

SAXX is a leader in innovation, constantly analyzing the relationship between technology and fashion. Because of their featured patents in every pair, the SAXX experience can't be had anywhere else, or with any other underwear. Every pair is made for fit, feel, comfort, and function. 

The first patented technology from SAXX is the BallPark Pouch-- the pouch design inspired by a baseball glove. This pouch is a 3D hammock shape, designed to keep everything in place with contact free support. It features mesh panels that prevent friction, and has no exposed stitching, to prevent chafing. 

Three-D Fit is another patented SAXX technology. Every design has nine panels of fabric, used to create 3D shaping around the glutes, thighs, quads, and hamstrings. 

Flat Out Seams are another SAXX patent featured in every pair of underwear. The flatter, softer side of the seam is placed inward, to prevent chafing and friction, as well as promote comfort. 


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