Panache was founded in 1982 by Anthony Power, the current Chairman of Panache and a former senior executive with Playtex bras. Twenty four years later and Panache lingerie is one of the world’s fastest growing lingerie companies. The Panache lingerie brands and contract ranges have become synonymous with quality, excellence in fit, contemporary design and value for money. Consequently, the family business directed by John Power, Managing Director with Anthony Power as Chairman, is fast developing into a major international bras and other lingerie brand.

Panache Lingerie Designs

The Panache lingerie design team, based in Yorkshire, England, is recognized as one of the most progressive in the lingerie business, with outstanding technical ability and creative flair. Panache bras has expanded dramatically over the past 6 years by exploiting its several well known lingerie brands, moving into overseas markets and creating a targeted brand range.

To acknowledge such growth, Panache bras has received a number of prestigious awards such as The Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade and the UK Fashion Export Award three times. One particular bra that gets a lot of press is the Panache Superbra. The Panache Superbra comes in a full range of styles, from hip, fashion lingerie to core basics, all designed to perfectly support, shape and fit women with a larger cup size. The Panache Superbra is made for women in the D-K cup range.

Popular Panache Styles

One of the most talked about bras in their line is the Panache Atlantis Bra. With a totally innovative design, this Panache Atlantis Bra is designed to increase a woman’s bust size by at least one full cup size. How does the Panache Atlantis Bra do it? Magic? No, but almost. The Panache Atlantis is a liquid-filled bra. It’s only suiting that it should be called the Atlantis, after the lost city, though when a woman puts on this bra she certainly won’t get lost in a crowd. The Panache Atlantis is her ticket to getting noticed.

Panache at Freshpair

At Freshpair, we are proud of carrying a large selection of Panache bras that allow us to get women into the proper bra size and make her feel as comfortable and sexy as she’s ever felt before with the right Panache bra. Some of our Panache customer favorites are the Superbra Porcelain Molded Bra, which has seamless molded cups for super-smooth shaping.  Other popular Panache bras and tops include:

Panache also makes several panties to match their bra collections. Popular Panache panties include the Panache Floris Brief, Panache Porcelain Elan Lace Brief, and the Panache Andorra Hipster.

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