C-IN2 is all about setting new standards of innovation in both men’s underwear and t-shirts for men. Co-founder and designer Gregory Sovell believes that men who are looking for a standard fly front brief are not looking for CIN2 underwear. Instead, he is in regular competition with himself to design revolutionary products and bring his designs to a level beyond imitation. His co-founder Jason Zambuto agrees with this philosophy, both as a successful way to run a business and as an aesthetic principle for making C-IN2 underwear one of the most coveted brands of underwear for men -- as well as men's swimwear -- ever to hit the market. Shop C-IN2's entire collection of 

C-IN2 Underwear

C-IN2 underwear comes in a wide selection of lines that come with several high-quality features including: Stretch style, seamless design and moisture wicking. This underwear is stylish, athletic, innovative and technologically advanced. Whether you are looking for boxer briefs, jockstraps, trunks or thongs, you can find it from CIN2 at Freshpair.

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