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Mens Scoop Neck T-Shirts | Freshpair

Looking for a style of t-shirt to round out a wardrobe of v-necks and crew necks? The mens scoop neck t-shirt is the perfect addition to give a new cut to your appearance. The mens scoop t-shirt features a deeper opening, but rather than being shaped like a V, the neck is still rounded throughout. It’s like having the best of both worlds in the neck of your t-shirt! This versatile shirt comes in many forms, from traditional t-shirts that can be worn as a soft, comfortable undershirt layer, to body-hugging tank tops to sport while at the gym or out on a jog. No matter the style of occasion, Freshpair has a long line of scoop neck shirts for men that you’re sure to love!

Mens scoop neck tank top shirts are a sleek, slim style with a sleeveless approach to the day’s activities. With a body-conscious fit, this option is a great essential to wear on its own or underneath any look. Freshpair offers mens scoop neck tank top shirts in multi-packs as well, so you can stock up on the styles that you love.

The scoop neck t-shirt for men is a great way to show off the neckline and chest muscles. It gives you a confident, sexy look with added emphasis on the physique. The scoop t-shirt is quickly ascending up the ranks of men's fashion, seen as a popular streetwear for casual nights out. It can also function great as an undershirt at the office, giving ample breathing room in the neck and throat area.

Freshpair has several mens scoop neck t-shirt options to choose from, offered by brand icons such as Calvin Klein and Fruit of the Loom

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