Women’s Cold Underwear Guide

Winter is here once again, and for many of women that means months of trying to figure out how to walk outside and not completely freeze while still looking stylish. Wool sweaters, long sleeves, fuzzy hats, so many clothing options available to counteract the cold. But as is often the case we share a tendency to focus on what is seen and not what actually keeps us warmest.

That’s right; to battle the winter, it’s all about layering. An oft overlooked measure, how exactly does one choose how to get the maximum comfort and utility out of their cold weather underwear? We developed this handy guide to tackle that very question and get you in the best thermal underwear possible.

Understanding Layers

Without a doubt, the base is the most important layer. Initial thought might bring focus to getting the base as warm as possible, but the best thermal underwear should also be quick-drying and made of a breathable fabric that is comfortable. Cotton should be avoided while synthetics and wools should be embraced. For instance, the Athleisure Solid Legging is a jogger’s base layer that does its job of using moisture-wicking to keep you dry and covered when facing the elements, allowing the mid and outer layers to supply the bulk of the warmth.

The mid layer is vital to any outdoor lover’s warmth as the primary insulator. Materials like wool, down or proper warm synthetics are popular. This layer should be easily removable as physical exertion and temperature increases generate warmth.

Finally, the outer layer is the frontline of keeping warm. This layer is all about protecting the base and mid from the elements, while providing additional warmth and ease of movement. This is done through making use of materials that are windproof and waterproof, preventing the cold from breaking through and bring down your body temperature.

Options for Women to Keep Toasty

Women have plenty of options scope that won’t compromise femininity. For base layers, Freshpair has all types of women’s cold weather underwear that come in a variety of fits. For instance, the modern Tactel Cami’s are an excellent choice to maintain a classic feminine style while maintaining breathability and warmth that will last all day. Boot socks will go a long way to keep the feet warm and dry, and many pairs can look considerably cute with the right boot and pant combination.

Women that live in colder environments or brave the elements on a daily basis may appreciate the thermal underwear options available, that’ll keep warmth while not getting too bulky. The Vintage Washed Thermal Long John by Munki Munki provides a fun way to keep warm with thermal material construction, while staying cute with designs that feature either an all-over whale print or a sock monkey look. The material hugs the body but maintains a slim look, and combined with a quality boot sock this outfit gives a perfect idea of how to create an attractive yet functional base layer to survive cold weather in style.