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Men's Expert Advice

Get unzipped and de-briefed with this complete guide on fit, function, and style. Read through our tips to learn about our essentials in men’s fashion, from crew neck t-shirts to boxer brief underwear.

Brand Highlight: Gregg Homme

Gregg Homme specializes in bold and unique designs that stand out and let a man explore a more expressive and sexier side of underwear. 

18 Years Of National Underwear Day

Celebrate National Underwear Day with us this year on August 5th. Freshpair founded this holiday in 2003 as a way to inspire confidence through underwear. We believe that well-fitting bras, panties, and pairs of underwear can improve your self-esteem in only seconds. In our world of social media, there's constant exposure to edited pictures of seemingly perfect people in their undergarments. National Underwear Day is about embracing your no-filter, no-pants self with pride! Find out more about this holiday and how you can celebrate!

Introducing Xtremen: Hot Styles From Our Newest Brand

What’s your sense of underwear style? Do you crave sleek fabrics that feel luxurious on the skin? Do you like to play with fun colors, prints, and features? Do you feel your best when you’re wearing less? If you answered yes to any of the following, it’s time to meet Xtremen. Check out sexy styles from our latest, greatest brand today!

Brand Highlight: C-IN2

Our favorite brands are the ones that pride themselves on innovation. C-IN2 is a great example. Their revolutionary products are a step above the standard and are infused with technology. Explore their collection of underwear and t-shirts today! If you feel lost amidst their wide variety, check out our C-IN2 brand highlight right here.

The Best Men's Deals of 9/6

We love saving and we know you do too. But we also believe there’s no point in wasting money on styles that don’t last. We at Freshpair are dedicated to bringing you both the highest qualities and the lowest prices. Keep reading for the best deals of this week.

Men's Underwear: Now Trending For March

Spring is just around the corner! Though the last of the snow is still lingering, we can already begin to feel the weather turning warmer. March is a time for rebirth and renewal. While personal growth and house cleaning are important, this is also a nice time for cosmetic revamping. Your wardrobe, especially your underwear, sets the foundation for new days and a fresh outlook. Take a look at our new arrivals for March today!

The Best Basics Ever

If you’re considering redoing your wardrobe, start with the basics. Every great outfit has strong foundational pieces. Your underwear, socks, and base layers (like tank tops and t-shirts) not only set up the rest of your look but sit next to the skin. The way you feel in your first layer of clothing is most likely how you’re going to feel, regardless of what you wear on top. For comfortable styles that get you through the day, try our best basics ever.

Spring's Sexiest Men's Styles

The weather is getting warmer and our styles are hot! Freshpair has the sexiest pieces for every man. We’ve got skimpy styles that only cover what’s needed. We have sleek flattering looks that make your body look amazing. Whether your style is bold or this is your first step out of your comfort zone, we’ve got you covered. Explore our sexiest styles for spring today!

Brand Spotlight: Doreanse

High-quality fabric is the foundation of great underwear. It determines not only how the underwear will feel, but how it will last. Doreanse uses Turkish cotton because it contains more threads per square inch. The modal in their products is made from beech trees, making it resistant to fading, shrinking, and other things that may interfere with the longevity of the quality. Doreanse's products are versatile, affordable, and flattering. Keep reading for our five favorites styles of theirs (for now).

2(X)IST Brand Highlight

We live in an age where we expect things to do more. Our phones don’t just call or text, they tell us the weather, turn off the music playing in the next room, and can even lock the house. In this time of technology, shouldn’t your essential items be just as advanced?  2(X)IST creates a line of styles that resolves the underwear problems of the past by using techniques from the future. Get a preview of what they have to offer in this 2(X)IST brand highlight.

Showcase: Champion

Champion is a well-known brand that is has earned its top-notch reputation. Freshpair is proud to carry a wide assortment of their products. Champion delivers advanced styles full of features and specializes in activewear. Their brand is not confined to sportswear, however. Champion was at the forefront of the streetwear movement and continues to be trending. Read this list for our current favorite styles by Champion.

Hot Brand Alert: Addicted

Check out this hot new brand! Addicted was started in 2006, and is sold exclusively at Freshpair. Hailing from Barcelona, this southern hemisphere inspired brand creates expressive and flattering looks you’re sure to love. Explore all their styles today with the help of this collection of our favorite Addicted pieces.