Men’s Cold Underwear Guide

Winter has arrived once again; maybe you were hoping it’d forget to show up this year? Well it’s here, and with it comes day after day of trying to figure out how to walk outside and not completely freeze or maybe just to stay mostly dry. Instituting long sleeves, heavy sweaters, beanies, insulated boots and thick pants is all a part of this battle, but the key to winning the war over warmth, lies not on the outside but the clothes you wear underneath.

It can be challenging to find a middle ground between keeping warm while traveling and yet staying comfortable once you arrive and get settled. We completely understand, so we’ve developed this brief guide to get you really thinking about layers.

Understanding Layers

Things get a little more complicated than just socks and underwear in the winter time. To survive the elements in your warmest fashion, consider the three facets of layering: base, mid and outer.

To start, the base layer is the most critical. You may be seeking out the warmest thermal underwear you can find in response. Stop! Remember what we said before about arriving to your destination, walking inside only to find yourself sweating five minutes later. The best thermal underwear and base layering should be warm, yes, but more importantly it should be quick-drying and it should be a breathable, comfortable fabric. The Champion Varitherm by Duofold is a perfect example of getting the best in warmth and breathability, locking in warmth but also harnessing odor control technology. Wool and synthetic mixes, like in the Lakewood Crew Sock, provides a soft, comfortable and warm base.

The mid layer is more important for those that spend a great deal of time outdoors. For hikers and hunters, a material like wool or down is popular for being easily removable as your level of physical activity warms you up. The Champion Powerblend Fleece Pullover is a great solution for a stylish mid layer that can be taken off when things heat up.

The outer layer is meant to keep warm while guarding the under layers from the elements. Look for materials that are windproof and waterproof. Think of this layer as a tarp covering your body from any type of weather imaginable. Ideally though, don’t just buy a tarp and cut armholes out of it.

Head to Toe in the Cold or Snow

There’s a plethora of options for men’s cold weather underwear. Long sleeve thermal shirts provide plenty of warmth without sacrificing range of motion, making for great sports underwear. Moisture wicking underwear carries both comfort and support for a range of activities. Boot socks made of wool or synthetic materials are a great choice, both for staying warm and dry. For mid-layers, consider a long sleeve crew shirt or a fleece pullover. Either one provides strong mobility and the ability to be easily removed. When it comes to cold weather underwear, remember: keep it breathable and keep on moving.