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Breast Shape Dictionary

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. Find the best bra for your shape with this need-to-know guide.

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. Find the best bra for your shape with this need-to-know guide. There are a variety of shapes and sizes of breasts. Quite simply, no two are alike. Some women are small-busted, or full busted; some women have breasts that are two varied sizes, and some are augmented from undergoing surgery. It is also likely that over time, your breasts are going to undergo changes, just as you do. Through puberty, childbirth, and beyond, the composition of breasts will change. With the information in this guide, you will be able to identify what shape your breasts are. As experts at Freshpair®, we have provided you with the bra options that are available to you and your shape, giving you the ideal comfort, fit, and look. See which shape and frame is most like your body, and which bras will flatter your breasts best!

Firm & Full

If your breasts are firm and full, they will have an equally round shape, from top to bottom. The breast tissue will be evenly distributed throughout your breasts, as well. A full coverage bra can help support full breast tissue. The cups on a full coverage bra are designed to contain your breasts, while providing a smooth silhouette. If you are looking to diminish the full-busted appearance, we recommend a minimizer bra. This is specifically designed for reducing cup size, while still providing comfort. Try to avoid demi cup bras, as they tend to push breast tissue up high on your chest, and have a cup that covers only half of your breast.

Shallow Top and Full Bottom

If you have a shallow top and fuller breast tissue on the bottom, a demi cup or push-up style will create a fuller appearance. Breasts in this shape can resemble a teardrop. They are still round, but there is slightly less tissue towards the top. Demi cup bras have straps that sit wider on the shoulders. The underwire is molded to create more of a lift, pushing breast tissue up. Push-up bras use padding placed strategically in the cups to push breasts up. This moves tissue up, as well as gives the appearance of a larger bust and cup size.

Shallow Top and Bottom

Breasts with a shallow top and bottom typically hang lower than they used to. This is a common result of breastfeeding and age. If this is your shape, opt for a full coverage or seamed bra. Full coverage bras help to create a full and round shape. A 2-part or 3-part seamed cup will lift and push the breast tissue in for a flattering fit, with transversal seams creating a rounded appearance. Push-up bras are also a great option for women with this breast shape. This style has padding designed to push breast tissue up, creating a round, full, and lifted shape.


If your breasts sit closely together, with not much space between them, they are close-set. Bra styles with narrow and/or low-set center panels, like a plunge bra or balconette bra, can help eliminate the uni-boob appearance, which can result from close-set breasts. These styles tend to have cup designs that provide breasts with a separated appearance. Avoid bras with wide-set center panels. Wide-set center panels can have underwire that digs into you over time.


Breasts that are wide-set will have a large space in-between them. Choose bras with sturdy, supportive side wings, which gather breast tissue and move it towards the front and center of the cup. This creates a more ideal, supportive, and secure fit. Bras with slings or side-boning will also move breast tissue toward the center of your chest, and are a great option for women who also have a larger bust. For small to average size breasts with a wide-set shape, opt for a plunge or push-up bra to center your breasts, and enhances cup size.


So many women have one breast larger than the other. For a slight size difference, try stretch cup bras that contour your breast shape, or molded cups. Bras with molded cups designed for a larger bust size will conceal the difference in size between breasts. For an easy and simple solution, consider a bra with removable padding or cookies. All you have to do is remove some, or all, of the padding from the cup that has a larger fit, and it’s sure to do the trick.

Narrow Shoulders

If you have narrow shoulders, you might want to consider a bra that has set-in straps. Set-in straps will help keep your bra straps in place, preventing them from constantly slipping down your arms. Racerback bras and convertible bras are some great options for you. Racerback bras have straps that are set further in on your shoulder, while convertible bras let you adjust the strap style, and choose the best fit for your frame.

Broad Shoulders

If you have broad shoulders, choosing the right bra can help conceal them, and draw away unwanted attention. Demi cup bras have straps that are wide-set, sitting further apart, and are perfect for women with broad shoulders. If your bra straps tend to show under sleeveless tops or tanks, consider a wide racerback style. This will keep your bra straps in place, and provide a comfortable fit. Opt for a classic racerback, or try the Y-back and T-back styles!


If you recently underwent breast augmentation surgery, or are planning to undergo it, you’ll need to be wearing the right bra while you recover. Post surgery, wireless bras with soft cups provide comfortable support. Your doctor may also suggest you wear a surgical or post-surgical bra while you’re healing. Once healed, underwire bras with side boning are a sensible option for women seeking greater support or shape.


If you’re small-busted, you may be on the hunt for a bra that creates an enhanced shape and size. Padded bras can give the appearance of a larger cup size, and are a great option. Push-up bras can increase cup size, and push breast tissue up for a rounder shape. Small-busted women can also try using silicone inserts. These act as padding, and can simply be slipped inside your bra.