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Women seeking to make the most of their figures turn to Body Wrap for the extra control they crave when they want to look their best. Body Wrap provides women with revolutionary seam-free undergarments that lift and shape, flatten the tummy, and slenderize the waist for firm body control. Designed to wrap around the body providing continuous support and maximum comfort all day long, Body Wrap offers immediate visible results, creating the illusion of a toned, fit body. Some popular Body Wrap shapewear styles include:


Keep in mind that not all Body Wrap shapewear is the same. Intended to shape and contour the waist, hip, and thigh areas, Body Wrap bodysuits are designed to target your trouble areas. When shopping for a Body Wrap waist shaper, consider specifics such as your body type and what you’re going to wear with your shapewear.

Body Wrap Bodysuits

Advances in technology mean the Body Wrap bodysuit selection is constantly being reinvented to offer you more choices. Now, women can choose from bodysuits with an underwire, bodysuits made with a thong panty, or bodysuits made especially for full-figured women.

Body Wrap Waist Shapers

In brief, bodysuit, and thong styles, the Body Wrap selection of waist shapers includes seamless microfiber designs. Creating a long, lean line through the waist, many Body Wrap waist shapers provide all-day firm body control in a high waist style. Choose the tummy tamer that’s right for you, whether you’re looking for coverage from bust to mid-thigh, or just through the waist and tummy.

Body Wrap at Freshpair.com is available in sizes from 1X to 3X and S to XL. Try Body Wrap for a sexier, slimmer, firmer, and younger-looking you.

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