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When most women think of shapewear, they think of control tummy shapewear. The midriff region is one region women are united about. Every woman wants that slim waist look that looks great under tight dresses and tops. The perfect way to achieve this is with control tummy shapewear.

Losing belly fat gets harder and harder as women get older and, along with carrying extra weight around in their midsection, they begin to carry with them the weight of feeling bad about themselves. It’s simple to get back that confidence and start feeling good again with control tummy shapewear.

The way most pieces of control tummy shapewear work is through compression. Control tummy shapewear generally has a hosiery construction with control panels built in strategic areas to help draw the tummy in with natural-looking curves. Some control tummy shapewear is designed to go from the mid-thigh all the way up to the under bust area. This type of control tummy shapewear ensures there will be no bulges and bumps. Another type of control tummy shapewear is designed as a panty with a control panel at the front. The panty style steers clear of bulges and bumps by utilizing surged edges or lace edges, or by using graduated levels of control in the weave for non-binding edges. One more type of control tummy shapewear is the type that looks like a pair of cycling shorts. Some of these offer control panels in the rear area as well.

At Freshpair, we are excited to carry some of the finest control tummy shapewear available anywhere. We seek out the best styles and options so that we can offer women of all different shapes and sizes the chance to look great and feel confident in their clothing. Spanx is a major control tummy shapewear brand that was made famous by Oprah. The two most popular pieces of control tummy shapewear in the Spanx collection at Freshpair are the Spanx Power Panties with Tummy Control and the Spanx Higher Power with Tummy Control. Both of these have hosiery construction and are designed with cotton crotch gussets to be worn in the place of panties with short skirts and flirty dresses.

The Barely There Shaping Brief is the perfect control tummy shapewear piece for the minimalist. Made from a stretch nylon fabric with the ultimate wicking power, this control tummy shapewear piece features a wide comfort waistband and knit-in smooth shaping for firm control. This control tummy shapewear comes in black, white and soft taupe to match all different colors of clothing and skin tones.

Some women think wearing control tummy shapewear is cost-prohibitive, but it’s no more cost-prohibitive than wearing pantyhose. Because most intimate apparel brands make some form of shapewear these days, there are control tummy shapewear pieces that cost no more than a pair of panties at the low end. Flexees offers the Valuable Solutions Hi-Cut Control Brief for just this purpose. It brings control tummy shapewear into the accessible price range for all women.

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