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Munsingwear represents a classic, casual sportswear collection. The brand loyal consumer will enjoy the value, comfort and easy care of Munsingwear as an established brand. With over a century of manufacturing accomplishments from underwear to sportswear, Munsingwear underwear offers timeless garments for generations to come.

Munsingwear underwear for men revolutionized the fashion industry. Munsingwear underwear has proven its ability to maximize market trends with the Munsingwear kangaroo pouch. Munsingwear briefs have a brand loyal following due to their classic styling and quality reputation. As their slogan states: "Munsingwear is the New American Classic."

This new American classic, Munsingwear, is recognizable by:

Munsingwear underwear is made from soft, preshrunk cotton
Munsingwear underwear is made in classic colors
Munsingwear underwear features a top-exit fly
Munsingwear underwear has a plush-back waistband

The Story of Munsingwear

Munsingwear underwear for men is part of the Penguin Munsingwear clothing group. Munsingwear underwear is a division of Perry Ellis International, a leading designer, distributor and licensor of apparel and accessories. The company's portfolio includes 25 leading names in fashion.

Munsingwear, Inc., was originally a Minneapolis-based clothing manufacturer founded in 1886 as the Northwestern Knitting Company. Munsingwear became famous early on for its union suits, and for several decades it was a major player in the lingerie business. The Munsingwear underwear name was branded in 1919 and the company began to produce silk hosiery in 1923. Munsingwear underwear opened a hosiery plant in Rogers in 1947 at Fourth and Olrich Streets; while the plant was being built; manufacturing equipment was set up in the National Guard armory. The plant produced all of the hosiery bearing the Munsingwear label. By 1956 Munsingwear had about 200 employees.

Munsingwear went on to become a well-respected brand that has continued to develop ideas and create the kind of garments that transform the way men dress. Munsingwear underwear supports the active lifestyle, not just with their garments, but also as a sponsor for sporting events. Munsingwear underwear was the title sponsor of the major golf tournament that got a slew of media attention when a 15-year-old high school student won.

Munsingwear at Freshpair

At Freshpair, we are pleased to carry a large selection of the Munsingwear underwear line. We keep all the basics on hand for loyal Munsingwear underwear customers. We also carry a large selection of the Munsingwear underwear offerings for larger sizes. The size range on most Munsingwear underwear goes up to 2X or 3X, making it a staple for men of all shapes and sizes. When you order your Munsingwear underwear at Freshpair, you’ll be pleased to note that you can get free shipping!

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