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Magic Silk is a brand synonymous with playful and sexy underwear for guys who want something more unique and special that may not be found in every department store. Thankfully, Freshpair provides a great range of the collection so you don’t even have to leave your home to discover all the great choices to spice up an evening or any time!

Freshpair’s wide range of options from Magic Silk underwear includes thongs, knit briefs, g-strings, knit boxers, and a terrific variety of sleep and loungewear. They make clothes that provide the perfect transition from a night on the town to an intimate evening at home, as well as from lounging to sleeping. No matter where you are, they ensure that you’ll feel sexy, and look good once the layers come off.

Magic Silk Thongs

Magic Silk underwear at Freshpair has something for guys who want to add a little something special to their wardrobe, without the trouble of having to go into a department store. If you’re under the impression that all thongs and g-strings are the same, think again. They offer many different choices with unique features and different styles that demonstrate there are different thongs for each mood and venue. 

Magic Silk G-Strings

The G-String is a great choice to wear under tight clothing. The famous silk knit fabric is strong, soft and sensuous. This G-string has a pouch that gathers at the front of a thin string that wraps around the waist, leaving much exposed. No matter what event you have in mind, they have got the perfect choice to heat things up.

Magic Silk Boxers

What’s great about the fabric is that it’s adaptable to any climate, making it perfect for winter and summer. The Silk Boxer Shorts are so light that it will feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. This style also comes in a sultry red, mysterious black, and lots of fun prints including little devils, red lips, and $100 bills.

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