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Top 5 Men’s Underwear Styles For Summer

Scorching Styles: Explore the season's hottest underwear
Discover an assortment of designs that's got you covered (or not) for all your warm-weather adventures


The full-coverage fit prevents problems like chafing, rubbing, and other irritations.

The trunk is the perfect underwear for a variety of activities. They end at the widest part of your leg, accentuating your muscles as well as covering the inner thighs. This material stops your inner thighs from rubbing together, preventing the friction that causes painful issues. Their snug fit keeps this style in place. Because of this design, you won’t have to worry about this style bunching up or riding down.
Product: 2(X)IST 3-Pack Essentials No Show Trunk: $30.40


Boxer Brief: 

A body-hugging design with longer legs creates a universally flattering style.

Boxer briefs truly look great on everyone. Like the trunk, they offer full coverage and a tight, supportive fit. Unlike the trunk, this style extends to the widest part of the thigh. If you tend to have bigger, more muscular thighs, the boxer brief can be an incredibly comfortable alternative. Our collection at Freshpair includes over 100+ styles with a wide range of fabrics, colors, and features.
Product: Ergo Wear MAX XV Boxer Brief EW1017: $32.25


Pick a pair that keeps your package tightly in place and provides complete freedom for your legs.

Briefs have been a long-time staple in men’s underwear. They’re ideal for everyday wear and keep you comfortable from morning to night. This style has a tight fit and fully exposed legs. Freshpair carries a massive assortment of styles, with over 240+ styles to choose from. You’ll be happily surprised at all our modern updates, including figure-enhancing fits, quick-drying fabrics, mesh details, and more.
Product: Andrew Christian Almost Naked Bamboo Brief 92021: $19.20


Heat things up with a style that eliminates underwear lines and has a close-to-the-skin feel.

If you’re looking for a sleek, flattering silhouette, thongs are the right choice for you. This style is great for a smooth appearance under pants or just showing off. Our collection of these popular styles ranges from simplistic essentials to the bold and ultra-sexy. You’ll find smooth, cotton fabrics right next to daring leather and lace. Take a walk on the wild side or experience almost naked comfort today. 
Product: Xtremen Microfiber Jacquard Thong 91087: $22



Stay in place no matter how much you move with boosting back straps and a supportive structure.

Searching for a style that handles the heat of a vigorous workout? Try jockstraps! Their minimal coverage rear is held in place by boosting back straps, while your pouch stays secure and supported. Our collection of styles is full of your favorite brands and fun updates. You’ll find popular pieces like multi-packs, ultra-breathable materials, pouches with extra structure, and more. Product: PUMP! Blue Jock 15002: $20.80