Josie Natori, the founder and CEO of the Natori lingerie company, literally reconfigured an industry, erasing the boundary between innerwear and outerwear and bringing elegant, sensuous lingerie into the light of day with the start of the Natori line. “Women in the Philippines are encouraged to be entrepreneurial”, he says. “It’s a very matriarchal culture.” This line inspired intelligent design, rich fabric and an artisan's touch.  Natori follows a simple principle: The right bra can have a dramatic impact on both your proportion and the appearance of your clothing.  The brand has appeal to all genres of woman - from working professionals to domestic goddesses.

A firm believer in progress, the company keeps moving forward, staying ahead of the curve and remains a trend setter rather than a follower. The founder shops the world for inspiration and technological innovations which she can utilize to enhance new product introductions. Adding to the collections, concentrating on fashion and feminine details and capitalizing on a strong sense of color and design, all strengthen the growth of the Natori. The brand continues to expand the wardrobe possibilities of the current wearer, as well as attract new customers to her ever growing army of fans.

Natori Styles at Freshpair

Freshpair carries Natori bras and Natori panties from several of their popular collections, including the Feathers collection and the Bliss collection. Some of our most popular items from Natori are:


The company makes their products for the woman who has quality, luxury, and design on their mind. Natori truly brings about a sense of allure, romance, comfort, and style.

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