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Introducing Cotonella, an exclusive brand on Freshpair with a focus in cozy cotton blend underwear and panties that are perfect for everyday wear. 

Comodo proprio come piace a te

(Comfortable just the way you like it)

In 1972, Cotonella got its start as a small workshop manufacturing underwear for other companies in Edolo, a province of Brescia, Northern Italy. Since then it has continued to grow and is now its own unique brand for men’s underwear and women’s panties exclusively made with luxurious cotton fabrics. In those 40 years since Cotonella has become one of the most important companies in the world's lingerie market. Today, their headquarters is located in Sonico, Itay. Their dedicated Design Center houses a historical archive of over 12,000 styles as well as documentation on fabric research and production techniques that have influenced the countless trends and innovative designs by Cotonella. 

Discover your new favorite styles!

This leading Italian underwear company has a deep-rooted commitment to quality design, care, and attention to detail. Safe, comfortable fabric is in Cotonella’s DNA. The brand eagerly works to push forward in the modern undergarment industry with continuous research and innovative methods of manufacturing, which includes 54 stringent quality control procedures. Known for their “natural underwear,” Cotonella has changed the very fabric of the industry by introducing the first invisible seamless garments, 100% organic cotton gussets in briefs, and adding makò cotton in knits and bonding technology for finishes, just to name a few! This is why “Made By Cotonella” has become synonymous with quality and excellence.

As they say…

Scegli la comodità e non sarai mai fuori moda!

(Choose comfort and you'll never go out of style)

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