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Women may be equal to men, but there’s no question about the fact that they are built differently. When women work out, they need support for their busts, which is why the market for athletic bras has become such a huge industry. A sports bra must offer women the ultimate comfort and support, because a woman may be engaged in high-impact activities while wearing it and she’ll need the protection offered by well-engineered one to protect her breast tissue from getting stretched out.

A sports bra is the ideal choice for athletic women since they need to be sure to properly support their busts. Runners need to find a properly-fitting sports bra, Yogis may require a low-impact style, and for those women who enjoy a gym workout, strong, supportive sports bras are key.  Freshpair has a wide selection of sports bras that includes nursing sports bras, underwire sports bras, and more.

Popular Sports Bra Styles

The most popular athletic bras at Freshpair are the Natori Sport Underwire Bra, which features a truly unique underwire design that keeps the hardware entirely off the skin. the Donna Karan Intimates Signature Active Bra is an extremely popular choice that leads the athletic market for bras. The Shock Absorber Running Bra and the Moving Comfort Fional High Impact Sports Bra are also excellent choices for women on the go. We carry a wide variety of other brands, including:

One of the most innovative sports bra designs on the active market is by Enell. This sports bra offers extra-firm full-figure support in a wire-free design. The crisscross back stitching on it offers added hold while the wicking fabrication helps keep your skin cool and dry throughout your entire workout. Many women who’ve searched high and low for sports bras that offer totally secure support swear by Enell. Shop for sports bras today on Freshpair.com and receive free shipping!

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