Front Hook Bra Selection

The front closure bra is one of the most convenient styles of bra to wear under any type of clothing. Front closure bras give women the option to adjust the fit of their bra from the front and you can wear them underneath nearly anything in your wardrobe when you don't feel like struggling with the hooks and eyes of a back closure. Just follow our guide to the most attractive and functional ones available.

Front Hook Bra Fashion and Function

Keep in mind that not every front hook bra is the same. With full coverage, low plunge, and soft cup bra options, these bras are designed to create an accessible front center closure for easy on and off. When shopping for front closure bras, consider specific technical differences such as underwire versus no-wire construction. Some have a T-back or racerback design, so they're invisible under open-sleeve garments.

Additional innovative breakthroughs include the uniquely supportive Magic Lift wire-free design from Glamorise, which utilizes bands that cross over and under the cup for superior uplift, separation and support. A front closure bra need not only be functional. The bras at Freshpair are available with a variety of fashion details, colors both practical and flattering, and fabrics that are sweet and sexy.

Front Hook Bra Brands and Designers

With sheer unlined lace soft cups, the longline front close bra from Carnival provides lightweight, flexible boning and fashionable lace trim throughout. Offering natural body shaping under everything from bridal gowns to eveningwear, longline front close bras combine elegant couture style with shapewear functionality. Athletes and casual gym-goers can work out in front close sports bras made of advanced fabrics designed for the active woman. Many well known brands manufacture front close bras for women of every age, shape, and lifestyle, including:

  • Goddess Front Closure Bras
  • Carnival Front Closure Bras
  • Enell Front Closure Bras
  • Glamorise Front Closure Bras
  • Leading Lady Front Closure Bras
  • Le Mystere Front Closure Bras

Choose from bras that open in front in colors ranging from classic blacks and beiges to demure whites and ivories. Of course, the front close bras at Freshpair are available in a variety of sizes, from 32AA to 52DD. Whether you're heading out on a hot date, getting dressed for a special event, or hitting the gym, our selection of front close bras offers a style for every outfit and occasion.


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