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Through various brands, Ralph Lauren is always aiming to tell a story through their designs and the lifestyle they invoke. They have always stood for creating high quality products with a timeless, modern, and classic vibe.

Polo Ralph Lauren was first launched in 1967, by Ralph Lauren. It began as a line of mens ties, because at the time, Lauren was working for a tie manufacturer. After convincing his boss to let him make his own line, Lauren quickly got to work. He worked out of a small showroom in the Empire State Building, doing everything himself, from designing to selling.

Polo at Freshpair®

Freshpair® carries various types and styles of Polo clothing. Being a favorite for men everywhere, the experts at Freshpair® have made sure to give you what you're looking for. We have underwear styles including:


Boxer briefs


We also carry a selection of loungewear, bottoms, pants, sleep tees, tops, joggers and more.

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