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Men’s boxer briefs have come along way in recent years, and Calvin Klein boxer briefs have been at the forefront of this movement. Whether you are a young athlete or a man looking for style and comfort, Calvin Klein boxer briefs are right for you. When most men think of boxer briefs they see images of Marky Mark on billboards or models strutting down runways, but Calvin Klein boxer briefs have changed that view from a passing trend to a classic style.

Although Calvin Klein boxer briefs are offered in classic whites, colors or plaid with loose fitting material and elastic waistbands every year, there is never a shortage of bold prints and exciting, contrasting colors. The pre-washed soft cotton makes Calvin Klein boxer briefs the ultimate in comfort and fit, and the woven knits are perfect for every man.

If you’re a Calvin Klein boxer briefs fan, there are several additional underwear styles you may also love, including:

  • Trunks
  • Briefs
  • Hip Briefs
  • Bikini briefs
  • Cycle shorts
  • Calvin Klein boxers in pima cotton

When Calvin Klein boxer briefs are put to the test, they stand tall. The boxer brief offers the best of both worlds, and Calvin Klein boxer briefs offer the very best in quality. With the age old question of boxers or briefs now much more complex, many men may choose to just say they wear Calvin Klein boxer briefs. That is the kind of commitment and loyalty men feel towards Calvin Klein underwear.

We always carry an extensive collection of Calvin Klein boxer briefs at Freshpair.com to cater to every man. 

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