2(x)ist Underwear

2xist has taken men's underwear to a new dimension. With its body-accentuating cuts, superb quality and alluring styling, 2xist has established itself as a brand with serious sex appeal. 2xist follows a simple design philosophy. Using the natural contours of a man’s body along with clean simple lines, 2xist underwear conveys an ideal of sensual sophistication. Because of the quality of their cotton, 2xist underwear won’t shrink in the wash and provides a level of comfort that's become synonymous with the brand.

As the forerunner in designer men's underwear, 2xist has positioned itself as the fashion brand that leads the trend with that certain edge and incredible fit. Superb quality, alluring styling, and innovative marketing have been instrumental in positioning 2xist as the brand with serious sex appeal. 2xist produces a number of underwear collections each year, always staying on top of the current trends and styles.   

2xist underwear isn’t just for the racy or adventurous sartorialist. The 2xist Essentials Collection is chock full of styles that appeal to men with classic taste. With traditional cuts and classic cotton construction, these 2xist basics are just the thing to fill out your collection. Plus, several of the briefs and t-shirts are available in multi-packs, allowing you to stock up on your favorite 2xist styles in the most economical way.  One popular style from 2xist is the Lift No Show Brief. This pair of men's underwear is super comfortable and has package boosting benefits. The fit is also supportive and prevents chafing and sticking.

Since 1991, 2xist has answered the demand for a new brand of men's underwear. 2xist styling is practical, comfortable and versatile for everyday wear. 2xist combines classic style and sexy underwear with fashion-forward designs. The designers of 2xist continue to refine – and redefine – men’s underwear expectations. Through the use of the best materials available, and with an eye on fit and comfort, 2xist has become one of the most popular and innovative brands.

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