A Guide to Choosing the Right Women’s Sports Underwear

For the women out there busting their butt to get and stay in shape, exercising can present a whole new set of struggles when it comes to finding comfortable workout underwear. Women, particularly those with larger cup sizes, can attest to the unenviable experience of straps digging, materials chafing, poor bounce control and ill-fitting compression. Finding the right silhouette while not overheating is yet another struggle that must be overcome.

When going out for a jog or hitting the gym, we want to look and feel our best. We don’t want to waste time fidgeting with a sports bra that can’t keep in place or worrying about leggings that are less than flattering to our figure. Because of this, we wanted to put together a list of style and product considerations that can optimize your exercise routine in maximum comfort.

A Proper Fit So You Don’t Quit

Finding the best women sports underwear requires understanding the importance of bounce control to a sports bra. Glamorise, an innovator in sports bra design, created a patented custom control featured in their sports bras that provide constant support whether you’re doing yoga or playing tennis. This is executed through a front bounce control panel and adjustable outer panel with four hook loops that provide the ability to customize support.

Another major factor in sports bra comfort comes in the form of moisture control. There’s nothing worse than feeling drenched in sweat, particularly if you’re exercising outdoors in the elements. Lunaire uses Coolmax fabric technology to counteract the effects of moisture. Coolmax is a moisture wicking fabric that removes wetness by pulling it to the exterior. When used in a sports bra, it creates a highly breathable undergarment perfect for all types of exercise.

Maximum support is also offered through cups that are properly fitted. Wacoal offers sports bras with molded cups that contain and support breasts from within, while a firm band brings added support doing movement. These molded cups provide a great option for full busted women needing a full coverage.

But as any woman can tell you, a sports bra is not the only factor in putting together a great workout outfit. Finding the right pair of leggings is key to any contemporary active woman’s workout look. There’s a need to eliminate sweat and feel cool and dry during those long jogs or yoga routines, and the 2(x)ist Athleisure Solid Legging is perfect for accomplishing that goal. With a moisture wicking fabric design and mesh panel inserts at the calves, this legging will keep you cool and dry from the waist down. Looking good while you workout is an added benefit and encourages a longer, more dedicated regiment. The Athleisure assists by offering a contrast colored compression piping sculpt and elongated legs to give you the flattering shape you dream of.