Freshpair understands that whether your style is lightweight men’s thongs or supportive trunks, there’s no need to break the bank for everyday underwear. Doreanse is an amazing brand that creates reasonably priced items with a luxury feel. They use sumptuous fabrics and vivid colors on styles that hold their value over time. Take a look at our Doreanse highlight for our five favorites styles, all under $25.00. 

Party Trunk 1912: $9.00

This is a fun pair of trunk style underwear. The trunks fabric has a glossy, slick appearance. The rich base color is accented by color contrast details. The trunk has a double-layered, lightly shaped pouch for definition and support. The full-coverage rear and legs provide everyday modesty. This trunk has a lavish look at a price you’ll love. 

Men's Athletic Metro Thong 1218: $13.00

Men’s thongs are rarely thought of as comfortable or sporty. This athletic metro thong is intent on proving everyone wrong. The one-layer fabric is made of a blend of materials that give you the closest, most effortless fit ever. The g-string back is almost unnoticeable and the retro trim provides a masculine touch of style. The contour pouch is supportive and lifting with a strong center seam. This thong is great for preventing lines on your pants and stays in place no matter how long it’s worn. 

Cotton Modal Essential Boxer Brief 1777: $24.00

If the boxer brief style is your go-to, you’ll love this updated pair. This tight fitted style has long legs and a full-coverage rear. The thick, low rise waistband holds you in place securely and eliminates the need for you to yank the underwear up and down during the day. The rich fabric feels amazing on your skin. The highlight of this boxer brief is the enhancing pouch, which offers a subtle lifting boosting and lifting effect. 

Metro Jock 1212: $17.50

This jockstrap style underwear is the softest piece of workout wear you’ll own. The jockstraps materiel stretches with you as you move, never constricting you or cutting you off. The flat elastic waistband and leg straps provide strong support, no matter how rigorous the activity. The narrow contour pouch uses two layers of the advanced cotton modal material for extra protection. Use this underwear to elevate your next gym session. 

Dore Brief 1325: $18.50

This Dore style offers a sexy update on the classic brief. This brief style underwear is made of soft blended material and has flat-stitched contrast seams for the silkiest possible feel. The thick, elastic waistband is ultra low-rise and shows off your figure. The back has a cheeky design for a fun, moderate coverage look. This a unique and flattering style that shows you off but still covers what needs to be.  

We hoped you enjoyed this peek into the Doreanse brand. We included a wide variety of styles and designs. Check out the complete collection and more brands we love on Freshpair today! In addition to lots of underwear, we have a wide selection of sleepwear, activewear, and more. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more updates and read our blog for insider information like this! We love sharing with you.