Freshpair created National Underwear Day in 2003. As an underwear and lingerie company, we’re passionate about undergarments. We understand the importance of the first layer you put on in the morning and the last you take off at night. We carry a huge assortment of products to serve every customer possible. Freshpair knows the lingerie and underwear industry highlights toned models in ultra-expensive styles. We think something so essential shouldn't be inaccessible and advertised with such unrealistic standards. On August 5th, Freshpair invited you to National Underwear Day. Keep reading to learn more about why we created this holiday and its history today!

Why National Underwear Day:
In 2003, Freshpair decided to create National Underwear Day as a way to inspire self-acceptance and self-confidence. As an underwear and lingerie retailer, we understand how frustrating this industry can be. Many companies neglect DD+ and full-figure women. The bras that come in sizes above a DD cup or 36 waistbands are often dowdy, matronly, and frankly, boring. Nothing is more frustrating than finding a beautiful, intricately designed style that stops before it reaches your size. At Freshpair, we created an expansive DD+ collection, full of bras that look gorgeous and provide top-notch support. You’ll see that sexy and stunning comes in all sizes.

Freshpair also believes that style is up to the individual and that everyone should be able to express themselves via underwear. Our men’s collection ranges from classic trunks and boxer shorts to men’s thongs and bikinis. We offer bold brands like Andrew Christian, Daniel Alexander, JOR, and more. You can enjoy sexy styles with features like chain details, faux leather, and sheer materials, as well as designs with classic colors that show you off. National Underwear Day was created off the philosophy that when you feel your best, it shows. By wearing well-fitting undergarments that reflect your sense of style, you’re setting yourself up for a day of success. You’ll avoid issues that come with ill-fitting styles, and embrace your favorite assets. Though NUD only falls on August 5th, your positive attitude about your body can last a lifetime.

Past National Underwear Days:
In previous years, Freshpair has celebrated National Underwear Day in a variety of ways. Since starting in 2003, Freshpair has hosted several events in New York City. Our company has hosted a runway show in Times Square. We held a pop-up show in the popular city area Columbus Circle. One year, Freshpair even hosted an underwear run. 500+ strangers took place in the 1/7 mile fun run event in Central Park. There was no competition, no timers, and no pants in sight! Every year we’ve held events, we’ve offered massive underwear giveaways for the people in attendance.

In 2013, Freshpair set out to break the Guinness World Record for the most people gathered in their underwear. The event was held in Times Square, and people from all walks of life were invited to attend. Though this event didn’t break any records, it was one for the books. There are very few things as liberating as dancing in your underwear on Broadway. This event features special giveaways from our sponsored brands, like Papi, Wacoal, and Tommy Hilfiger. . Attendants were also able to take part in Holiday promotions. Those who were there even got the opportunity to meet and party with the famous z100 DJ Greg T. This memorable event and those participating solidified our belief that confidence is a by-product of believing in oneself.

National Underwear Day 2021
You can start celebrating our Holiday early this year in many ways. The first way is to buy a bra, panty, or pair of underwear you love. Find something that fits well and looks just like you want. You and your body deserve something nice. The second way is to show off this style in a way that makes you feel amazing. Maybe it’s posting a fire selfie on Instagram. Maybe it’s telling the person in the mirror they’re looking REALLY good. Whatever helps you feel your best. Stay tuned to find out Freshpair’s plan for this year. We’re so excited to show you what we have in store! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and read our weekly blog for updates and insider information! We can’t wait.