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About us


Freshpair® first began in the year 2000, out of a one-bedroom apartment as a campus-wide underwear delivery service for the University of Maryland. Shortly after its formation and rapid success, Freshpair® evolved into an underwear e-commerce retailer and moved into its New York office in 2004. Soon, Freshpair® became the largest online retailer of men’s underwear and a leading online retailer for women’s lingerie.


In 2016, Freshpair® was re-structured under new management. We like to refer to it as “Freshpair® got a refresh.” At Freshpair®, our focus is on comfort, fit, and of course, our customers. We offer an array of top of the line styles, sizes, and colors, carefully curated from over 100 of the best brands.



The goal of Freshpair® is to empower men and women to not only look good in their underwear but to feel good, too. The right style and proper fitting undergarment can put a pep in your step, and set the overall tone of your day. For any customers who are new to finding their best-fitting underwear, we highly encourage you to visit our Expert Advice section. This section was specifically designed by the experts at Freshpair® to answer all your questions, and learn about all the different types and styles of underwear. Here, women can read about panty, bra, shapewear, and activewear styles, how to find your ideal bra fit, plus so much more! Men can learn about underwear and t-shirt styles, as well as how to properly care for everything to maintain the fit and quality.


National Underwear Day

In an effort to promote underwear, Freshpair founded National Underwear Day® on August 5, 2003. National Underwear Day® is all about being confident and feeling confident, in your underwear. At Freshpair®, we believe underwear is the most important thing you wear, every day. It’s essential to your wardrobe and can boost your confidence, making you feel good, in every layer of clothing.  


So, take our advice, and embrace your underwear. Find the best fits, styles, brands, and prices by shopping at Freshpair® now, and take advantage of free U.S. shipping on all orders $40+. 

Freshpair.com Inc. 19 Audrey Place, Fairfield NJ 07004