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Wacoal Lingerie

Wacoal is known in the industry as the standard by which all other lingerie is measured. With fine designs and supremely-comfortable, well-engineered fits, most of the Wacoal lingerie line is also made with eco-friendly construction so you feel good in every way when you’re wearing their products. It’s no surprise so many celebrities champion Wacoal lingerie. Find your perfect bra fit whether you're a petite 32AA or a full-figured bra in 44G.

Oprah has continually placed Wacoal lingerie on her O List, season after season. She has also been one of the key supporters of getting a proper bra fitting, either by Wacoal bra experts or otherwise, because such a massive majority of women are wearing the wrong bra size

Though the company's main focuses are the Wacoal bras and Wacoal panties they produce so perfectly, Wacoal has other philanthropic and humanitarian interests that make them an admirable example to others. One such effort is the Fit For The Cure campaign from Wacoal Lingerie. For every woman who takes advantage of their complimentary bra fitting, Wacoal lingerie donates $2 to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation to benefit breast cancer research and outreach programs.

Another program Wacoal stands behind strongly is their bra fitting program. The women who design Wacoal bras do such a wonderful job of perfecting their fits, they can’t imagine why any woman would allow herself to be uncomfortable in her bra. A fitting for Wacoal bras – which is free to all women – should remedy bra discomfort.

Bra-fitting tips from the Wacoal philosophy include:

  • A bra should be something that makes you feel as beautiful as your wardrobe does
    Not only should a properly fit bra be comfortable, but it should support, contain, lift and shape your bust as well
  • Every woman should be professionally fitted for a bra once a year to accommodate her changing body 
  • Bras should be washed once before they are worn for the first time


Check out these top-rated, best-selling Wacoal panties and bras:


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