Since 1921, Glamorise has focused exclusively on designing exquisite Glamorise to serve the needs of full-figured women. At the heart of Glamorise’s legendary comfort is a painstaking fitting and refitting process that even their state-of-the-art computer design department can’t surpass. Glamorise calls this process The Art of the Perfect Fit, through which they make hundreds of pattern changes to perfectly dial in each size. The final product is a unique pattern for each size, rather than a cross-graded size.

Each bra features the same standard from Glamorise for fit and comfort and yet each bra carves out a unique niche by catering specifically to a woman’s needs and her figure. This has set Glamorise apart from other intimate apparel companies and makes them a popular choice when women are looking for something to support their full figure.

Popular choices for Glamorise bras are: Check out their full collection now.
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