Underwire bras make up the vast majority of bra designs on the market today. When they fit properly they have the ability to lift and support the breast tissue, because as you may know, the breasts contain no muscle of their own to support the weighty tissue. Wearing one is one of the few things a woman can do to stop the natural sagging of her breasts that happens with time.

Fitting of Underwire Bras

Underwire bras require proper fitting. When the cups are too small, it’s easy to tell because the wire won’t sit right on your body. There are some tips for a proper fitting. They should feature a wire that lies smoothly against your sternum and ribs. The wire should never rest on top of breast tissue, and if it does, you need to go up a cup size. Underwire bras are simply the best for offering lift, separation and definition.

Underwire Bras at Freshpair

Underwire bras encompass a multitude of different styles, ranging from sport to plus size to minimizer to padded underwire bras. They can work for anyone to add more support and lift to the breasts than soft cup bras do. Some popular styles include:

  • Bali Seamless Minimizer
  • Goddess Smooth Simplicity
  • Wacoal Body T-Back
  • Lilyette Sexy Lace Minimizer
  • Natori Sport

Several innovations have been made in underwire bras to ensure that the wire is comfortable to wear. Some feature a floating underwire that sits between two layers of fabric, others feature wires that are not technically made of wire, but instead from a resilient plastic that snaps back to its original placement even after being bent almost in half. Regardless of a woman’s style or comfort preference, you can be assured that almost every woman has several underwire bras in her collection.

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