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Mens Extreme Low Rise Underwear | Freshpair

If you’re looking for a skimpy underwear style for men, an extreme mens underwear look to match your vibrant personality, then look no further than mens extreme low rise underwear. Extreme low rise underwear is designed to give the most natural fit possible when you need it the most. Perfect for showing off your lower abdominal muscles and all the hard work you’ve put in at the gym, mens low rise underwear that falls far below the waist is equal parts fashionable and functional. If you’re looking for the absolute best in extreme patterns and designs to match your extreme mens underwear, shop Freshpair for all of the hottest brands and styles in mens underwear fashion!

The benefits of extreme low rise underwear are multifaceted. They’re a great underwear choice to pair with your favorite low rise or skinny jean, designed to prevent uncomfortable bunching up throughout the day. Our mens skimpy underwear designs, such as low rise thongs, are an excellent way to wear your favorite tight-fitting chinos at the office and not have to worry about visible underwear lines. Falling far below the waist, they leave you feeling comfortable and natural throughout the day.

So why extreme low rise instead of low rise? The extreme low rise is designed to show off a bit more muscular definition and skin, particularly in those most intimate of settings. They’re ideal for the guy out there with a lively, outgoing personality that wants to own the room!

Mens extreme low rise underwear is versatile, available in countless fabrics and styles, from classic briefs and trunks, to ultra sexy thongs and jockstraps. Shop Freshpair for your mens skimpy underwear, with an exciting collection of partner brands ranging from Andrew Christian, Addicted, SAXX and so many more. As our gift to you, save on free shipping for all U.S. orders over $25!

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