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The Best Underwear for Men

The best mens underwear comes in many cuts, including: boxers, trunks, briefs, and boxer briefs, and many different styles of athletic underwear and sexy men's underwear, just to name a few. Our extensive collection of men's underwear is the best you'll find, and a much wider selection than you'll find in any department store.

Men's Briefs

Ranging from mid-rise, white fly front briefs to colorful low-rise profile enhancing briefs, no other category of men's underwear has evolved as much as men's briefs. Search for your style in these top brands: 2(x)ist, C-IN2Hanes, Munsingwear, Calvin Klein Underwear, Hugo Boss Underwear, and more! Tighty-whities, or fashion briefs?

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs were born out of the need for great coverage combined with great support -- an amalgamation of boxers and briefs, if you will. Boxer briefs are ideal for everyday wear as well as athletic wear. You can choose varying leg lengths and everything from paneled, contour pouches to fully-functional flies. Take a look at top seller classics from Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs and Fruit of the Loom Boxer Briefs, or for a pop of color try Clever Boxer Briefs.

Boxer Shorts

The best men's underwear for you is the style that makes you feel confident, comfortable and sexy. Boxer shorts are generally loose-fitting with a gathered or elastic waistband and made from a knit or woven fabric that feels soft against your skin (Comfort? Check!). So if you prefer a barely-there feeling (Sexy? Check!), check out these top boxer brands: Tommy Hilfiger Boxers, Calvin Klein Boxer Shorts, Polo Boxer Shorts, or go for that silky-smooth feeling Mansilk Boxers. (Confident? Always!)

Mens Sports Underwear

Athletic underwear for men are made of many different styles. Most men agree that the kind of underwear they want for sports is something supportive – either a jockstrap, a snug brief, or a boxer brief / trunk. There’s one type of underwear men that is designated specifically for sport and that is compression shorts, such as the Bike Active Short 7131. These athletic underwear have been proven to reduce fatigue in muscles and improve performance. Find the best pair of mens athletic underwear for you.

Sexy Men's Underwear

Spice up your underwear drawer with sexy underwear for men. Are you bold enough to wear men's thongs, jockstraps, men's g-strings, or profile enhancing underwear? If you prefer something more subtle, try silk underwear for men! Check out all of our sexy mens underwear!

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