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High Rise Boxer Briefs for Men

Have you been searching for a mens underwear alternative that sits higher on the waist, provides excellent coverage and support, all while failing to ride up over the course of the day? The search has ended with high rise boxer briefs at Freshpair. With a plucked-back waistband that rests above the hip bones, staying soft against the skin and providing a full coverage barrier between your pants and skin, high rise briefs are an excellent option for men of all styles to consider. Freshpair is proud to bring you the very best in mens high rise briefs from renowned underwear fashion designers and popular mainstream brands alike, ensuring you have the widest scope of options available for purchase.

 The key to the high rise brief is twofold. The first pivotal factor is having a proper waistband that is comfortable and doesn’t dig into your waist, causing you to constantly adjust for temporary relief. Having a super comfortable, wide elastic waistband that rests flush against your body makes Freshpair brands stick out from the competition. Strong enough to stay up and not ride, yet delicate enough for ultimate comfort.

The other element in Freshpair high rise boxer briefs are contoured long leg openings that move with your body, avoiding obnoxious rubbing and keeping your boxer briefs secure and in place. This combination of design factors guarantees your high rise boxer briefs will be a match made in heaven.

With dynamic high rise boxer briefs from top-quality brands like Calvin Klein and Fruit of the Loom, Freshpair delivers the underwear goods. Check our store for mens multi-pack options to get the most bang for your buck.

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