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Butt Pads for Men - Mens Padded Underwear 

For the guys out there trying to shop for underwear that will actually accentuate your curves and enhance the appearance of your butt, Freshpair understands how challenging it can be to actually find quality options out there. For far too long butt enhancing underwear was believed to be “just for women”, but the reality is that in modern times men have grown to understand and appreciate the way a curvy derriere looks in a shapely pair of slacks. Just for you, we’ve curated a collection of the finest in mens padded underwear and butt pads for men to get your backseat appearing tight and firm.

Freshpair’s padded underwear selection focuses on unique design elements that appear both natural and appealing. Supportive pouches within the design help lift and protect, while specially-manufactured inner fabrics add lift to the rear with or without padding. A handsome variety of trunks and brief options actively shape your lower half to a desirable size.

Padded underwear isn’t solely designed for men looking to add a little more junk to their trunk. A fantastic secondary purpose in butt pads for men is creating a higher degree of comfort for those that don’t have much natural padding on their rear and tend to work in sedentary environments or sit on hard surface for extended periods of time. Thicker padding is an ideal way to remedy this problem, with easy and convenient cushioning that prevent soreness, all with the bonus of being able to strut your stuff through the office.

With exciting brands always in stock, such as Go Softwear, Leo and Rounderbum, Freshpair is proud to serve as your center for all of your mens padded underwear needs! 
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