Freshpair prides itself on offering a wide variety. Sporty men will love our collection of advanced activewear. The relaxed guy can find tons of the softest t-shirts, while professionals adore the compression and figure-flattering fit our shapewear can provide under any suit. While we love our wide selection, our first focus is always underwear. This month, we’re bringing you the sexiest styles for spring. Keep reading for ways to turn any night from bland into mindblowing.

Addicted Super Bulk Enhancing 2.0 Brief AD712: $40


Brief style underwear is a staple in every man’s wardrobe. It’s supportive, yet provides complete freedom of movement. Though briefs are considered comfortable, they are often not thought of as sexy. Choosing a brief that is infused with fun features is a great way to heat up your look. You’ll be provided with the same level of comfort while elevating your look overall. 

This brief by Addicted is anything but basic. The brief is made of soft cotton blend fabric with exposed elastic details. V-slit cutouts sit on the sides for a peek of skin. The cut-outs are lined with a trim, drawing the eyes to the exposed area. This brief has a push-up effect in the front and rear. It provides up to 2 inches to your front while boosting your back for a lifting effect. 

Clever Ammolite Latin Trunk 2210: $27.20


The trunk style of underwear is ideal for a night out. Unlike looser styles, trunks don’t bunch up or catch on the pants. Instead, their tight fit allows you to slip whatever over them for a sleek, smooth fit. They also have shorter legs, which provides more mobility. Because of their full coverage, trunks are not perceived as sexy. In reality, the right trunk can be flattering and fun. 

The Ammolite Latin Trunk by Clever is made of sleek microfiber fabric. It creates a fit that defines and structures your natural body. This trunk a contour pouch for definition and support. Sheer strips near the waistband make this style special. They extend all around for a 360 glimpse of skin. The stripes sit above the pouch, showing off what you want and protecting what you don’t. You’ll feel attractive but still comfortable. 

Gregg Homme Boytoy G-String 95014: $20


If you’re looking to show off as much of your body as possible, g-strings are the way to go. The g-string is basically a smaller version of a thong. G-strings offer as close to minimal coverage as you can be without being completely naked. They feel amazing and effortless, providing a close-to-skin fit that’s incredibly natural. They also offer slight protection to the crotch area, and prevent squishing, squeezing, and crushing that comes with a more structured pouch. 

The Gregg Homme Boytoy g-string is made of fine stretchy fabric which comes in 2 eye-catching colors. This material is lightweight and breathable, providing a cool, dry fit. Because it’s sheen, this fabric has a wet type look, similar to leather. A thin elastic holds up this extremely low-rise style. Despite its complete lack of coverage everywhere else, this style has a contoured pouch. Not only does it provide structure and protection, but you’ll enjoy the benefits of a boost as well. 

Doreanse Cotton Modal Essential Mini Trunk 1779: $20


Sex appeal looks different to everyone. For some, showing affection means going all out. Others choose a more classic, understated way to display attention. The most attractive thing a man can wear is a sense of confidence. This is why it’s important to choose the underwear you feel comfortable in. We offer many simplistic, sleek styles that will have you admiring yourself in no time. 

This trunk by Doreanse is made of smooth fabric. The fabric fits your body like a glove and shows off all your assets. The trunk is a mini style, with short, square-cut legs. This not only provides extra freedom of movement but showcases your legs as well. The moderate coverage trunk has thin leg elastics, which provide a back boost. Its exposed elastic waistband is a low rise and creates a slimming, figure-flattering fit. An enhancing pouch adds width and lift in a subtle package. You’ll feel like your best self in this easy style. 

Gregg Homme Xcite Trunk 152405: $40


Dressing for success is about more than just a job interview. Wearing an outfit you feel confident in can help you in every area of your life. A great pair of underwear provides the foundation for everything from a first date to a big anniversary dinner. Tricks like enhancing features and sleek fabric can help you feel and look your best. Modern enhancing underwear is so subtle that no one besides you will know you’re wearing it. You’ll see a lift in your reflection, and also feel a boost to your self-esteem. 

The Xcite trunk by Gregg Homme is made of micro-mesh material. It provides airflow and breathability throughout the time you wear it. This trunk has a seamless rear, which eliminates any underwear lines while still providing full coverage. Your pants will fall flat across your rear for a sexy silhouette. Its contour pouch is supportive and profile enhancing. You’ll receive a natural lift that looks and feels amazing. 

Intymen Mesh Side Brief INJ055: $19


There’s nothing fun or flirty about discomfort. When you need to adjust and fix your underwear, it’s hard to concentrate on anything else. Feeling comfortable is not only about distraction. The wrong pair of underwear can have some pretty ugly side effects. Rubbing can cause painful irritation and chafing, while improper ventilation can increase sweat, bacteria, and an odor due to trapped heat and moisture. Finding underwear that looks hot and keeps you cool and dry can be challenging. Fabrics like mesh can help provide airflow and an attractive look. 

This Intymen Brief is made of soft fabric. It has a fabric waistband, which falls flattering below the waist. It also has fabric leg trim to hold everything in place. This brief has sheer mesh side panels in a contrasting color. They not only provide ventilation and breathability but also show off your skin. 

Doreanse Men's Aire Bikini D-1395: $16


Bikinis are a flattering underwear shape for men. They show off your body while still providing moderate coverage. Bikini’s also push everything to the front. They are designed to give your package strong support and the rest of your body light, flexible feel. This style is attractive and easy to wear when you want to look good for not a lot of effort.

The Aire bikini by Doreanse is made of buttery soft fabric. This fabric sculpts your body for a soft, next-to-the-skin feel. The low-rise, thin elastic waistband shows off your body for a figure-flattering fit. This bikini has high-cut legs which provide full flexibility and shows you off. Its contoured pouch is center seamed for shape and support. Full rear coverage makes this style perfect for going from working late straight to a hot date. 

Calvin Klein Men 3 Pack Micro Stretch Wicking Y-Back Thong NB2567: $42.50

men’s thong is a classically sexy style. Thongs are perfect for eliminating panty lines while providing support. They offer a minimal coverage rear which shows you off and sits close to the skin. Many thongs come with creative style details. You’d be shocked at the amount of variety that comes from one simple design. 

This thong by Calvin Klein is sexy and sleek. Made of smooth fabric, the thong uses its materiel to keep you cool and dry. A contour pouch keeps you protected while a low rise, exposed elastic waistband with Calvin Klein’s signature logo holds you up. The minimal coverage rear has a sexy two-strap design. This adds a touch of style, as well as draws attention to the backside if someone is lucky enough to see you in it. Because we love multi-packs, we’re thrilled to see that this style comes in a set of three. 

Cocksox Mesh Sports Brief Tiger CX76ME: $29


The fabric you choose can be a surprising and easy way to take your underwear from simple to sexy. It’s no secret that some men don’t want to show off their butt. If the men’s thong route is a little bit too risky, don’t give up hope and put on your tighty whities. You still have many options to get both you and your partner excited. 

This brief by Cocksox has a full coverage rear with a thick, exposed elastic waistband. You get complete comfort and security for as long as your wearing it. The brief is made of silk-like fabric. You’ll love the way it feels on your skin, and your partner will love the way it looks on your body. This material has a bold animal print with color contrast. Its exotic pattern will get everyone’s blood rushing. 

Andrew Christian Massive Sheer Stripe Jock 91917: $24

Our final style is a jockstrap. Jockstraps were started as sports underwear. The back straps and supportive pouch were designed for the best workout possible. Today, jockstraps have a variety of purposes. They can be seen as a sultry style, while still providing the same structure as before. 


The Massive Sheer Stripe Jockstrap by Andrew Christian is stunning and unique. This jockstrap is made completely of sheer fabric. It shows off your skin and provides provocative style details. The jockstrap has a low rise, signature slimming waistband for a figure-flattering fit. Its straps are thick and elastic with a bold Grecian pattern. You’ll feel like a handsome gladiator, ready to conquer the land. The back has no coverage, with rear straps providing a sexy boost. This jockstrap provides strong support and a big impact. 

We hope you enjoyed reading our sexiest men’s style for spring. Take a look at our entire men’s collection today! We have tons of styles and lots of your favorite brands. Freshpair is more than underwear, with a wide selection of swimwear and more. We also have a full women’s side for you to explore. For more insider information, read our weekly blog. You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook! We love sharing with you.