Since 1987, GREGG HOMME has been at the forefront of daring men's style, earning a renowned reputation for their exotic styles of men's underwear that allow a man to look great and give him the freedom to express himself. GREGG HOMME men's underwear is just one facet of the fashion empire, which also produces swimwear and clubwear, diverse in style but always bold and audacious. A leading name in men’s underwear from Canada, the brand's modus operandi consistently reigns as "the desire to fascinate people by creating something unseen, new, comfortable and yet aesthetically wonderful." GREGG HOMME celebrates the man who is comfortable with himself, his style and his life. The collection born of this philosophy embraces versatility to better appeal to a wide variety of men and ranges from thongs to trunks, jockstraps to briefs, and everything in between, made from materials of an equally vast selection. GREGG HOMME constantly innovates with unimaginable designs and functionalities to feed the insatiable taste of men for provocation and seduction. All GREGG HOMME designs are made to anatomically enhance the male body, whether by size, form, or function, resulting in pleasure for not only the wearer but for those around him.


The initiator of the GREGG HOMME underwear line’s sexy adventure is Gregg McDonnell, a designer with forty years of experience who continues to be prolific. Gregg has devoted all his time and energy in maintaining the brand as one of the most recognizable brands in Canada. In 2003, a partnership was formed with the arrival of Eric Boisvert, whose experience in marketing and sales for SHAN proved to be indispensable to the international expansion of the brand. It must be said that it would not be the company it is today without the loyalty and dedication of its employees.

Men who wear this underwear love the numerous racy styles in fun, sheer fabrics. The fun and unique design make these styles stand out and let a man explore a fun and sexier side to underwear. It’s hard not to feel sexy and stylish in all of the underwear styles and collections. Some of the most popular underwear styles include:


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