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The women’s sportswear and activewear industry is a booming business these days as more and more women have become active and taken on sports. For a woman to achieve optimum performance in sport, she needs the proper women’s sportswear, as well as the right technical outerwear, to keep her cool and dry throughout her training and/or competition. Proper women’s sportswear is essential to making your activities both comfortable and effective. Finding sports attire for women that’s just right can be a tedious task, but Freshpair carries the right selection of active gear for every woman.

Your Fit

Whatever type of women’s sportswear you are looking for know what your fit is. It may sound like unnecessary advice, but ill-fitting women’s sportswear will cause you pain and discomfort during the course your activity. If your normal women’s sportswear falls in the smaller range, you may be able to wear traditional compression-style women’s sportswear and sports bras. But if you have a larger cup size, you may want to find full-support, true cup size support with an underwire and internal construction.

Your Sport

Each piece of women’s sportswear is designed to accommodate not just a specific size range, but also a specific activity-level. Some women’s sportswear are made for high-impact sports while others are really only designated for low-impact sports. The sports bra you wear for yoga will be significantly different from the one you wear for a 10K run. Keep the activity you are doing in mind when you choose your women’s sportswear

The Details

Little things count. When you look for a sports bra or any women’s sportswear, look for things like heat-transfer labels that eliminate tags, wicking -fabrics, flatlock seams, rollover edges, enclosed elastics and wires, and adjustability. All these details will factor in to how much more effective your women’s sportswear is during your workout or sport.

With women’s sportswear, panties are less likely to cause pain, but they can if they don’t fit properly. You want your sports panties to be made from quick-drying, wicking fabrics that allow your body to breathe. Generally, you’ll want a cotton-lined crotch and non-binding trim to make the most of your women’s sportswear. We are excited to offer a variety of new brands in our women’s sportswear, including women’s sportswear brands that are constantly at the forefront of innovation with their women’s sportswear, like Champion, Falke, and Shock Absorber. Shop for women’s sportswear at Freshpair and receive free shipping on all U.S. orders!






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